Music Distribution, Production and Marketing

Bardi Toto PR is a seasoned firm with national and global outreach in the area of music distribution, along with global marketing services. The company has solid experience in creating and conducting strategic marketing campaigns to reach national and global audiences covering a broad range of genres in music.

Bardi Toto PR is led by its founder, Bardi Toto, a seasoned Marketing and Promotions Executive in the Music and entertainment industries with 27 Years experience.

As an International Marketing Executive, she has engaged in national and global music campaigns with various independent record labels including setting up distribution of projects through music distribution outlets in the United States and Europe. Toto also has created and implemented branding strategies to position and brand projects with distribution through international music groups.

As a branding and Marketing professional in the music industry, Toto provides dynamic leadership working with a team of industry professionals to create strategic marketing campaigns to expand its music distribution services. Bardi Toto PR also provides support services to indie record labels and world renowned artists in the music industry.

The company’s services includes music distribution, marketing, promotions, Videography and publicity services to name a few. With its wide range of professional services, Bardi Toto PR is prepared to offer a full-service dynamic experience.