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Bardi Toto constantly get’s featured in the news, gets asked to speak at events, and has built a massive business all from following one simple strategy: Gratitude, Reaching untouchable people and getting plenty of media exposure! Stand Out, Build Credibility and Trust!

What We Do

We’ve made it easier than ever to appear on major news websites.

Professional Article Writing

Our team of experts will craft a professional article that highlights your business, brand, and products, guaranteed to get people excited about what you offer.

Published to 100s of Media Sites

We have built an extensive network of media partners including ABC, NBC, FOX, and their local affiliates, which we will send the professionally-written article to on your behalf.

You Get Featured

Once your article appears on a website, we provide you with the live link and confirmation. Now, you can write ‘As Featured On NBC’ on your website to build confidence with customers!

The Best Way to Get Published on Over 100 Major Media Platforms

Benefits of Media Mentions

3 huge benefits from getting your business published.

Strong social proof

Being published in trusted news sources gives the must-have validation that today’s savvy consumers expect and demand. More trust = more sales.

SEO Optimized

Each article will include relevant keywords/tags to enhance online visibility. This will help you rank higher on Google and increase the visibility without spending on ads.

Free Organic traffic

An article typically gets over 100 visits on the first day, and 1000+ over time. More traffic = more sales.

Pay once, show the badges forever

For a low one-time fee, you will continuously reap the benefits of bullet-proof credibility and higher sales in every medium where you do business.

Social profiles

Your Book

Your Website

Business cards

Millions Of Readers

Our partnered news sites have built a readership and authority over many years, which has delivered them high rankings on Google. Our network of growing news site will allow you to profit from these successes by acquiring quality viewers through our relationship with their websites.

Stop losing customers to a lack of trust.

On average 75% of visitors leave your website due to low credibility. Gain their confidence instantly by having media mentions & logos from household names such as NBC, CBS & USA TODAY.


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After you sign our consulting agreement, It will take approximately
48 hours, (with supplied article) for you to be featured from the moment that you first contact us. This allows us to send it to our partners, and then for them to publish it on their websites.

We offer secure payment through both credit card and PayPal for your convenience.